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A growing number of teens and young adults are experimenting with becoming transgender. If we take a real look at masculinity and femininity we find that this change is not possible (see Botched Circumcision). Yet, with today’s transgender propaganda, it is easy to come to the wrong conclusion that attempting to become a transgender can happen with little effort and few to no consequences. The recent article entitled “Doctors Need to Examine Their Motives on Trans Teens” by the Family Research Council describes the transgender confusion, and willingness of doctors and pharmaceutical companies to perpetuate the current misconceptions of the transgender identity. When I read this article, it became apparent to me that there are three main issues from a masculinity/femininity perspective that should be addressed.

The first, and most important, issue to address is the misconception that a man can transform himself into a woman, or that a woman can transform herself into a man. This is just not possible. The account of the Botched Circumcision proves that masculinity and femininity are hard wired into the brain from how it formed in the womb according to the chromosomes and hormones present and active at that time. So, the only way to successfully achieve an actual transgender transformation is through a brain transplant. We currently do not have the capability to do a brain transplant, and I don’t foresee that as ever being a possibility in the future. A man or woman cannot change their masculinity or femininity by acting as the opposite gender (as the Pitfalls of Defining Masculinity & Femininity From Actions illustrates), nor by assuming a different state of mind (as the Defining M & F If Derived From the State of Mind shows). We are not capable of changing the nature of the gender we are born with.

The second issue is to identify the real reasons behind why these young adults want to change their gender. If these reasons were brought out in the open, they could be properly addressed so that men and women could deal with what concerns them the most. There is often a lot of pain, fear, and/or rebellion behind the motivations of those who want to change their gender. The implications and mechanics of these motivations are important enough to warrant their own in-depth study. For the time being, it is enough to know and recognize that there are underlying societal issues prompting the higher numbers of young adults seeking to become transgender.

The third, and last, issue from a masculinity/femininity standpoint is the transgender propaganda that is being circulated today. The incorrect message keeps going around that you can change your gender if you want to, but who are the big promoters and speakers of that message? The media keeps mentioning it, the school system seems to actively promote it, and peer associations and pressure appear to lure people into the misconception that gender is malleable and can be changed through attitude, hormones, and social acceptance. Masculinity and femininity are essential, unchangeable characteristics of men and women (respectively) as is seen throughout the natural functioning of our world. Any attempt to change that should be seen as an open attack upon that natural function.

More and more people are falling prey to the incorrect idea that gender can be changed. The Family Research Council’s article conveys the dangers associated with attempting to change one’s gender. Doctors, pharmacists, and those who continually spread transgender propaganda will eventually have to answer for their actions of misleading the young adults of today into making choices that will adversely affect them for the rest of their lives. Only with an accurate view of masculinity and femininity will men and women of our society be able to navigate through today’s transgender propaganda to stand steadfast in their masculinity or femininity and help others to do the same.

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