Can’t We Make Men and Women Equal?

In a previous article it was shown that men and women aren’t equal, yet there is still a push in our society to try and make them equal. Can we make men and women equal to one another? Is equality really the goal in trying to make men and women equal? These questions regarding creating equality, what is behind this equalizing force, and others will be addressed in this article.

In my previous post, Are Masculinity and Femininity the Same/Equal?, it is clear that men and women are not equal. If men and women are not the same (which they aren’t), then there is no way that they can be equal. It is also important to remember that sharing similarities does not make men and women equal to one another. It just shows ways in which one is similar to the other. Now getting back to the question at hand, can we make men and women equal in our society? The short answer is: no. There is no way we, or any other society, can make men and women equal. I know that might be easy for me to say, yet consider what society would look like if men and women were forced to be equal in everything. There would be an equal amount of men and women in the work force (never a deviation from a 50-50 split). There would be equal custody for children. And there would be an equal amount of men giving birth to children as there are women who give birth. That’s equal, right? Is that ever going to happen? No. It isn’t. When trying to make men and women equal in society, it becomes apparent that it is not physically possible.

While it may not be physically possible to make men and women equal in our society, there are some who think that we should all have equal rights and that there should be equality in the workforce. Now we get to address the second big question: Is equality really the goal in trying to make men and women equal? In 2013, the author Hanna Rosin wrote a book that described how women are now outnumbering men in the workforce and at college. It seems like all of that hard work from our society has finally paid off in making men and women equal, right? Men and women have finally come to a balanced equality in the workforce and at college now, right? Trying to make men and women equal is the goal of our society, right? If this were the case, then Hanna Rosin should have titled her book, “Equality at Last,” but she didn’t. She titled her book, “The End of Men.” That sounds like equality to me. Doesn’t it sound like equality to you? Of course not! I may be sounding facetious, yet this is to help make my point that the goal of society trying to make men and women equal is not to make men and women equal. It is both to make women more prominent than men, and to remove men from prominence in our society. In order for this inequality to be effective, both must happen. Women must be elevated, and men must be undercut. If one is in effect without the other, than neither goal will be achieved. And no amount of women surpassing men will be enough on this quest for “equality.” Hanna Rosin was all too honest. Society’s goal in trying to make men and women equal is to finally put an end to male leadership and patriarchy in society, and that is not equality.

Because men and women are so different from one another (see Can Men and Women Be Adequately Compared?), there is no way that society can actually make them equal to one another. To be sure, it is not even possible for society to hold men and women to an even 50-50 split (such as in the job market, or at college). And, if society takes an honest look at what its goals are of trying to impose this equality upon men and women, we will see that it is just an attempt to have women more active and in control in society, and to end male leadership and patriarchy. So much for men and women being equal.

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  • These are astute observations. Like other leftist, progressive movements, the stated objective of the movement is not the real objective. The real objective of the (so called) equal rights movement is the total subjugation of all males. These people feel they have been slighted. They are angry. Their anger will never be soothed. The day they get everything they demand, the next day they will have a new list of demands. God did not make men and women equal. They never will be equal.
    Really, these equal rights demanders need to get a life and find something productive to do instead of being a pain in the ass activist. We ALL submit to someone at some point in our lives. If we don’t submit to someone in this life, we will in the afterlife. Each of these activists have citizenship in the freest country on this planet. If they feel that they are not equal, they have the opportunity go out and do something else where they can be equal. Condoleezza Rice did. Sarah Palin did. Mary Kay Ash did. Carley Fiorina did. Harriett Tubman did.
    Margaret Thatcher did. Nikki Haley did.
    Men aren’t going away so quit this activist crap and go out and make your way in the world.

  • Men and Women are equal only in the love shown to them by their Creator. Otherwise they are physically and emotionally different. They are designed that way and to be compatible and complimentary to each other.

    • Thanks for the comment, Scot. I agree that God loves men and women to the point of making the ultimate sacrifice for their (our) salvation. Yet, here is something to think about. So often in our society love is considered a feeling instead of action. I consider love to be an action (or verb) and I’m going to guess that you do, too. If love is an action, then God shows His love differently to men and women for God, Himself, treats men and women differently in the Bible. This is similar to showing love to children, or nephews and nieces. We love our children (or if you are not married, nephews and nieces), yet we cannot treat them all the same. We show love differently to each because each is different and we love them dearly. We can SAY that we love them all equally, yet can something be equal if it isn’t the same? Not really. What I know for sure is that God loves us and that is enough for me. Throwing the qualifier of “equal” into it may not work. Equal carries a different connotation in our society today (see Inequality: Its New Meaning in Society under the Society’s Impact category) which tends to cloud our understanding of what the word “equal” means. I don’t want to sound too cranky, but in my mind “equal” means “equal” in every way. I could be wrong, yet the workings of present reality point in the same direction. Test it and mull it over, and let me know what you think. Thanks again for your reply.

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