Gender Identity: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

It hasn’t always been so, yet today more and more children are coming home from school and telling their parents that they are transgender. From the Botched Circumcision article, we know that masculinity and femininity are hard wired brain states at birth. Gender is decided by God, or nature, take your pick. So, if gender is hardwired at birth, how come children are coming home telling their parents that they are transgender? They have made a choice, a decision that now, for whatever reason, God or nature got it wrong and they finally realized the mistake. It’s either that, or they just want to act as the opposite gender. There is no possible way that they will ever BE the opposite gender (see both Masculinity, Femininity, and the Ability to Take Action and The Acting Game-Can Men Act Feminine and Women Act Masculine?). The best they can ever hope for is to act as the opposite gender after choosing that that’s what they want to be. Now from the articles Can Masculinity and Femininity Be a Choice? and Defining M & F If Derived from the State of Mind, we know that just choosing to be masculine or feminine does not MAKE you masculine or feminine. Masculinity or femininity are not derived from a personal choice, or from a person’s state of mind. This flies in the face of what the mainstream media and many healthcare professionals tell us about gender identity. And when they are told the truth that gender is essential and unchangeable, that’s when the battle begins.

It is one thing to understand and know the facts about gender identity. It is another matter entirely to be able to withstand the torrential bombardment from our society once you tell them those facts. Below are some of the common responses given to those who hold fast to essential and unchangeable gender.

  1. You are ignorant. Aah, the Name Game. Ignorant would be not knowing about the Botched Circumcision experiment and the fact that a person’s state of mind does not dictate, or define reality.
  2. You are a bigot. It’s the Name Game again. Does viewing gender as essential and unchangeable make one narrow minded and/or intolerant? The very same thing can be said of whoever is calling you a bigot for holding that view. Are they being narrow minded in thinking that their view is the only real view to have? Yes. Are they not tolerating you and your view? No. And there you have it.
  3. You are biased. If I am considered to have a slant towards gender as essential and unchangeable, then anyone who says I’m biased is biased as well by expressing his or her slant that gender is changeable. If no side is expressed, he or she in telling me I’m biased is showing a bias against biased people (namely me).
  4. It is not ethical to negate a person’s identity. I would say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to negate a person’s identity especially in light of the Botched Circumcision article. The issue here is what is meant by the phrase, “a person’s identity.” What they actually mean is the identity a person chooses. Again, reality is not dictated by what a person thinks, or chooses.
  5. It is unethical to deny transgenders their identity and subsequent medications and medical treatments. Would you do that to a diabetic? It is safer to accept the new identity with the medications and medical treatments than it would be to deny all of that treatment. Again, the identity mentioned here is the identity a person chooses, and choice or thought do not dictate reality. The second part of this is comparing the safety of acknowledging and treating the transgender to the situation of a diabetic with the need for insulin. That comparison doesn’t work. The diabetic’s danger is that his or her body will shut down if insulin isn’t administered at the appropriate time. The danger to a transgender is the conscious self-infliction of harm to his or her own body to the point of death if he or she isn’t acknowledged and medically treated. So, the greatest danger is that the transgender will choose to hurt himself or herself. If he or she does nothing, what happens? Nothing. The diabetic does not have that option. If the diabetic does not take insulin, he or she can die. One is a body that has difficulties with insulin that require medicines to work right, the other is a person with an attitude of purposeful self-harm, and therefore a bad comparison.

These are just a few of the responses that our general society and healthcare professionals will give to someone who upholds the truth that gender identity is essential and unchangeable. Given all of the different aspects of why masculinity and femininity are what they are, gender as a choice is not an option. Only a solid grasp of the nature of masculinity and femininity can keep our proverbial tires firmly setting on the road.

More information concerning accounts of children coming home and telling their parents they are transgender can be found at:

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  • It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is appalling, especially the article in Public Discourse. But it is not surprising. It is yet another failure of our so called “watchdog” media to protect the public. It is a failure of our school officials to protect the children they are charged with teaching. It is a failure of our medical profession to do the healing they are supposed to do and even a violation of the Hippocratic oath doctors are reputed to take upon entering their profession. And it is an especially shameful reflection on the medical schools who teach that such terrible things should be done to young, confused, innocent children.
    Worst of all are the members of our government, culture, and certain
    political movements who encourage and even dictate that these things
    be done to children. A few of those individuals are confused enough to think they are actually doing something good. The rest can only be described as satanic in their motivations. They should be removed from their positions and isolated from society for the rest of their lives.

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